Misroh Mulianingsih, Winda Nurmayani M, Harlina Putri Rusiana

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Introduction: Globally, World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children (UNICEF) have urged about giving exclusive breastfeed for newborn baby. Indonesian Government had already targeted 80% of the newborn to be given exclusive breastfeed. But the reality told that exclusive breastfeed program wasn’t done well. Although there were a lot of benefits for giving exclusive breastfeed especially for newborn baby and mother, but in fact there were still a lot of mothers that didn’t give it to their baby. One of the reasons was caused by the lactation onset. The woman that did her delivery by caesarean section would have slower onset of lactation compared to normal delivery, because surgical procedure would resist breast milk production process.

Objective: To identify the effectivity of breastfeeding technique education related to lactation onset of caesarean section-delivered mother in Mataram City General Hospital.

Research method: This research was a quasi-experimental research. This research was held in Mataram City General Hospital. There were 24 intervention and 24 control samples. The independent variable was breastfeeding technique education, and the dependent variable was onset of lactation of caesarean section-delivered mother. Other variables measured were age, occupation, education, number (times) of giving birth, and caesarean section delivery. Sample collection technique was using consecutive sampling and data analysis was using univariable and bivariable chi-square.

Result: There was significant relation between breastfeeding technique education and onset of lactation of caesarean section-delivered mother in the intervention group (chi square score = 0,026), but there was no significant relation between breastfeeding technique education and onset of lactation of caesarean section-delivered mother in the control group (chi square score = 0,563).

Conclusion: There was significant effect of breastfeeding education for mother that was given intervention, like counseling, compared to control group that was only given leaflet related to mother’s Onset of lactation after caesarean section delivery.


Keyword : Breastfeeding Education, Onset of lactation, Caesarean Section

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