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Introduction. The presence of family members who experience mental disorder is a stressor for family so that it takes an effort to help the clients to improve their self-esteem through the occupational therapy. This aim of study was to analyze the effect of occupational therapy towards the self-esteem level of the mental disorder clients. Method. This is a preexperimental research with intact group comparison study design. The samples were selected by purposive sampling are 30 mental disorder clients, 15 clients are in the experimental group and 15 clients were in the control group. The instrument to measure the client’s self-esteem was in the form of closed questions questionnaire. The questionnaire used was the Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale (SES). The occupational therapy was done three times a week. The data analysis which was used to see the effect of occupational therapy toward the self-esteem level in the experimental group and the control group analysis was the Mann-Whitney U-Test. Result. The statistical tests results found that there was no difference in the results of self-esteem clients who do the occupational therapy or not do the therapy (p value 0.850). Likewise, there is no difference before and after the therapy. Discussion. Puskesmas Galur II suggested to continue occupational therapy to maintain and enhance self-esteem client.  Keywords: occupational therapy, self-esteem, clients, mental disorders

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Mamnu’ah (2010). Gambaran Status Kesehatan Jiwa Keluarga di Dusun IX Kranggan Galur Kulonprogo. Proseding Seminar Nasional Kopertis Wilayah V Yogyakarta

Syamsunisah, A.B. & Hasanah, C.I. (2008). Self-Esteem of Out-Patients with Schizophrenia: The Association of Self-Esteem and Socio-Demographic and Clinical Characteristic. http//www.self_esteem_schizophrenia.htm , diakses tanggal 25 Mei 2010.


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