Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Patients with Hypertension

Nyayu Nina Putri Calisanie, Dini Isyaturodhiyah, Linlin Lindayani

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Introduction: It is important for patients with hypertension to know chronic kidney disease (CKD); this  will help in addressing and implementing healthy practices to reduce the risk of CKD. This study aims to describe the knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding the CKD in patients with hypertension. Methods: This study used quantitative descriptive method with a cross sectional approach. The study was conducted in June 2019, with involved 135 hypertension patients at the Intern Medicine Polyclinic room, selected by consecutive sampling technique. Data collection was gained through a questionnaire that contains 3 sub-scales of measurements, namely knowledge scale, attitude scale and practice. Data analysis used frequency distribution. Results: This study showed most respondents had knowledge about CKD 15.08 (range 5-22), it was showed positive attitude 36.50 (range 28-45) and it had healthy practices to prevention of CKD 23.11 (range 16-34). However, half of the respondents (65.2%) had incorrect information about the symptoms of CKD and  did not show good practices related to a healthy lifestyle and conducting routine checks. Conclusion: Health workers need to provide better health education to improve the knowledge of patients with hypertension towards chronic kidney disease.



attitude; chronic kidney disease (CKD); hypertension; knowledge; practice

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