The Differences in Self-Medication Factors for Toddler Mothers Between Rural and Urban

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Introduction: Self-medication occurs in many developing countries in the world, including Indonesia, which can cause a variety of global impacts, namely improper use that can lead to irrational use of drugs, late seeking medical advice, increasing side effects and drug interactions. Self-medication is related to the role of mothers in the household. The purpose of this study to find out the differences in factors that influence maternal behavior in self-medication oftoddler including knowledge, attitudes, income levels, and exposure to information sources between rural and urban areas. Methods: The study was conducted in 2 locations in Gemawang (rural) and Campursari (urban), WonosoboDistrict, Central Java Province. The population of quantitative analytic research with cross sectional design was 78 mothers with children in rural and 75 in urban areas. Data analysis used Kolmogorov-Smirnov because in the normality test the data used shapirowilk from the variables of knowledge, attitudes, income levels and information exposure with self-medication behavior, the result was p = 0.00 (<0.05) so the data was not normally distributed. The sampling technique uses purposive sampling. Results: There were differences in knowledge, attitudes, income levels, and exposure to information about mothers oftoddler of self-medication behavior between rural and urban with a value of p=0,000. Conclusions: The behavior of mothers in self-medication of toddler between rural and urban areas has a significant difference with knowledge, behavior, attitudes, income level, and information exposure.


Self-medication, Toddler, Rural, Urban

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