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Introduction. Migraine is often disturbing Activity Daily Living (ADL) due to the throbbing pain, accompanied by nausea, no appetite, sensitivity to light, sounds and smells. The purpose of this study was determined differences in patient’s ADL before, after one week, two weeks, and three weeks after being intervented by wet cupping method. Methods. This research used pre and post test quasi-experimental design. Numbers of sample were 30 male patients, choosed by consecutive sampling technique. Wet cupping treatment was given 1 time only. ADL was measured with a checklist Headache Impact Test-6 (HIT-6) before treatment, one week, two weeks, and three weeks after treatment. Analysis of data was done in two steps: the frequency of distribution and multivariate repeated ANOVA test in normal distribution and Friedman test in unnormal distribution (p = 0.000) then followed post test with the Wilcoxon test. Results. Post test with the Wilcoxon in migraine patients was done before cupping, one week, two weeks and three weeks after wet cupping. Results showed p value 0,000 for all groups. Discussion. ADL before cupping differ by one week, two weeks and three weeks after cupping with p value 0.000(α <0.005).  Keywords: Cupping, Activity Daily Living (ADL), Migraines

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