Mean Level of Depression Among The Elderly Based on Each Indicator of Geriatric Depression Scale ( Gds ) Instrument in Selected Social Institution Yogyakarta Indonesia

Endang Nurul Syafitri

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Introduction : Population around the world are rapidly aging, the increasing number of elderly in the world is expected to be a new problem for world health. Aging presents both challenges and opportunities. In this aging process, several changes concerning the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects, is expected to occur. Indonesia has entered the country as well as the provisions of the old population structure of the world body because of the increased number of erderly people that almost reached more than 7 percent. The purpose of this research was to determine Mean Level of Depression among the Elderly based on each indicator of GDS Instrument. Methods : This study descriptive analyzed, quantitative methode. The number of research samples was 60 elderly.  Data unvaried analyzed to each indicator Depression of modifications GDS Instrrument. Results : Level of each  indicators of  modifications Geriatrics Depression  Scale (GDS)  that is Physical aspect obtained the general weighted mean of 2.86 with verbal interpretation moderate level, Psychological aspect got the general weighted mean of 2.95 with verbal interpretation of moderate level and Social aspect got the general weighted mean of 2.92 with verbal interpretation of moderate level. Conclusions : Clients who are experiencing depression becomes helpless because of  loss of energy, Hopelessness and  problem of interaction with environment such as family members and friends.


Elderly, Depressed, Geriatric Depression Scale

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