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Introduction. The old people has decreased in physical condition, in function and sexual potency, psychological changes, changes associated with the work, and changes in social roles in society. These cause the elderly dependent in performing self-care. The action to overcome these problems is by delivering logo therapy. The general purpose of this study was to describe the influence of logotheraphy to elderly dependence at Panti Wredha Welas Asih Tasikmalaya. Method. The research design used was a "Quasi-experimental pre-post-test". The sample was purposive sampling with a sample size of 22 elderly. There were four sessions of the Logo therapy's implementation such as identifying clients' changes and problems, identifying the reactions and how to solve problems, the techniques and evaluation of medical ministry. Result. The results showed there was difference in elderly dependency before and after doing Logotherapy (p-value 0.001). Discussion. Logotherapy is recommended to be done in the framework of health services in the community as a form of health care for the elderly who have dependency problems and become the basis of consideration and thoughts in developing and implementing the treatment.
Keywords: Logoteraphy, eldery, dependency

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